Eminem & Mike Tyson Talking Rap Battles, Shady Being A Father & More

Photo of Eminem and Mike Tyson

Eminem & Mike Tyson Talking Rap Battles, Shady Being A Father & More

Two of our most favorite stars joined for an interview and honest conversation about things in life. The glorious Mike Tyson, as a host, invited Eminem in his famous Hotboxin podcast show. They had a nice, calm, honest, man to man conversation, admiring at each other’s achievements and careers.

During the interview, the famous rap battles were discussed. It was a period of Marshall Mathers’ interesting life during the ’90s. According to his words, it was a kind of surviving and making money. It has its ups and downs though.

Eminem shared interesting stories from his past and the way the rap battles were held back then. When the names of competitors were written on paper and put in a hat. After that, it was all a matter of chance. Once he claimed he had to stand opposite to one of his D-12 former members. “It was hard to enter the battle team at the Hip Hop Shop”, Eminem added.

Photo of Eminem and Mike Tyson from Hotboxin show

Those times were hard for the young Marshall Mathers and the connections with the community of the late Proof helped him a lot on starting with the rap at all and getting him the first rap battle.

The first battle at the Hip Hop Shop, I won it,” Eminem said.

From uncle Ronnie sparking the rap flame inside Em to the Rap Olympics, the conversation with the Iron Mike went all over the past years. At the 11 minutes mark, Eminem shared the moment he lost a battle at the Rap Olympics at 1997, then after coming back to Detroit he found all his stuff outside the house “I was super discouraged, I just got evicted from my house”.

Mike Tyson then asked about Eminem’s daughter.

Besides being considered as one of the greatest rappers to ever do it, received many prizes, at the 32 minutes mark, Eminem did not hide that the thing which still makes him the proudest of is being a father and an uncle. The Missouri born star told his girl is doing just fine, she graduated from college and is trying to take her life in the right direction. The “Rap God” mastermind also proudly mentioned his niece, who is twenty-seven, and that he also took care of.

Later on, Marshall shared he has great respect for the boxer and that even he was afraid he “was going to fan out on Tyson”. On his behalf, at the 45 minutes mark, Mike Tyson shared that he feels like Eminem is the only white man who knows how hard it can be to get even the smallest thing in life.

You’re the only white guy that knows what it’s like to be a n***a,” Tyson said.

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