Eminem Pays Tribute To Juice WRLD With “Godzilla” Video Ft. Dr. Dre & Mike Tyson

Eminem Godzilla Video Ft. Juice WRLD Dr. Dre Mike Tyson

Eminem Pays Tribute To Juice WRLD With “Godzilla” Video Ft. Dr. Dre And Mike Tyson

Eminem just dropped the video for his collaboration with the late Juice WRLD “Godzilla” and he got Myke Tyson and Dr. Dre in it. Yes, as promised Cole Bennett and his Lyrical Lemonade directed the humorous video, reminding of the old Slim Shady style of expression mixed with the new wave.

While Eminem ruins everything he touches affected by the alcohol, Cole Bennett shows us once again why he is so valuable to the industry.

Later on, the drunk monster goes on streets where he meets the Iron Mike and his right uppercut. The punch is so strong leads Marshal to the hospital where another piece of him and Dre trying to save him and Tyson shows again with a medical patch. Yeah, there are two Godzilla in the background.

The video’s closure is a caption from Bennett to his friend Juice, where the director pays homage to the late rapper.

Check out the new video here:

Premiere: March 9, 2020

Director: Cole Bennett



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