Eminem Sold More Albums Than Any Other In Last Year


Started in 1996 with his first album “Infinite” twenty- three years later Eminem proves once again to be one of the most important figures in the rap game.

The proof for this is the recently published report of BuzzAngle Music “2018 Year-End Report” where is shown that Marshall Mathers got more album sales than any other during the past year.

How much? Well, it’s 755,027 units exactly. Em won the first place by more than 100k units from the second one in the chart— BTS with 603,307 sold albums.

The last album of Eminem – “Kamikaze” secured half of his sales, as the other half came from his old albums. The album is at # 4 at Top Albums By Sales chart.

Kamikaze provoked a real furor among fans of the Rap god without much pre-advertising and promotion as something extraordinary.

Very unexpected after the album “Revival”, which debuted less than a year ago.


As for the stream. Slim Shady slides in one more chart and it’s the stream category. After Drake, Post Malone and XXXTentacion, Eminem got the 4th place of streaming, with more than 2.5 billion streams for 2018. 760 million of that streams are “Kamikaze” fault.

Number 4 in the list of streams and same position at Consumption chart.

Some rappers may question Eminem’s King of Rap status recently, but as it was said in A popular song “the numbers don’t lie”

This isn’t the only chart that Eminem breaks in. The wrap of 2018 was noted by Google as well, with a “Most googled” chart. There Eminem got the second spot of most googled artists for 2018 and actually that made him the most searched rapper in google.  First place was for Demi Lovato.

YouTube was also marked by the Rap God in 2018 with the diss song “Killshot”. The MGK diss became the biggest debut in the history.

Now while we on the wave, let us remind how Eminem performed “Venom” from the top of Empire State Building, enjoy…



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