Eminem Talks Juice WRLD, Young M.A. & Being “Guest In The Hip-Hop”

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Eminem Talks Juice WRLD, Young M.A. & Being “Guest In The Hip-Hop”

KXNG Crooked dropped another episode of his Crook’s Corner series and this time he got Eminem on the chair. For over an hour, Shady and KXNG had a deep, worthy, rap-orientated conversation. From “missing Young M.A.’s bars to Juice WRLD, the whole project and Em’s vision of where is he at the “Hip-Hop house”.

Uploaded on Feb. 21, the open, sincere interview about the complete process around “Music To Be Murdered By” starts with Eminem revealing that at first, he missed the bars that Young M.A. dropped in their “Unaccommodating” feature. “I was like f*ck how did I missed that”. After several repeats, he got the meaning of the lyrics. The track itself sparked a flood of criticism, but that’s another story.

Eminem talks Juice WRLD

As the conversation goes on, Em takes the chance and pays homage to the “Godzilla” collaborator the late Juice WRLD. With a throwback to Juice’s freestyle at Westwood, Marshall admirers the skillful wordplay provided by such young artist and the potential he had, with a regret that we will not have to chance to hear more from Juice.


Later on, at the 20 minutes mark, Eminem and KXNG Crooked went deeper in the talks, on a topic that was floating around at the end of last year, created by Lord Jamar who pronounced The Detroit mastermind as a “guest”.

Without any doubt, Em agreed with the “guest in the hip-hop” definition, pointing out he completely agrees and never disclaimed it at all. In addition Slim Shady said that he never claimed to be “the king” and there is no such thing as a king of rap.

You can check the whole interview here:



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