Fake Albums Of Beyonce Leaked For Streaming


Before the 2018 wrap up, something not so surprising happened. Streaming weakness came to surface.

Society and more precisely Beyonce’s fans got cheated by unknown (for now) person who presented two new Beyonce albums. The albums were released under a secret name. At the end the music in the albums was nothing but demo, old releases or not released at all projects of Beyonce. Some of the songs were rejected for release by Beyonce herself.

The albums, released in leading streaming companies Spotify and Apple Music, with the name “Queen Carter,” were online for around a day before being taken down. This time is enough to make millions of streams of each by the fans of Beyonce.

This is not the first case with fake albums/ songs. Shortly before that new music came from SZA (R&B singer), again under secret name and same the music appeared to be – demos.

Soundrop, wich is DIY distribution service and publisher of both Beyoncé and SZA’s albums were apparently uploaded via different accounts, says it is working in investigation into “potential intellectual property theft” and that the songs were taken down as soon as it was aware that it breached the terms of service.

Soundrop manager claims that they identified who and how did the abuse, but can’t reveal any information for now because of the ongoing investigation.

From ‘New York University’s Steinhardt School of Music’ reveal that such thing happens all the time. “People just don’t hear about it”.

The fake stream is two-sided. Can appear from streaming users also. Such was the case last year when scam was detected from Bulgaria, Europe where multiple fake users generated 1 million royaltiesby setting up 1200+ accounts to stream songs for 24/7.

So next time when you see an “secret” name release from famous artist, think about it twice.



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