Fetty Wap Arrested After Sunday Night In Las Vegas

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Fetty Wap Arrested After Sunday Night In Las Vegas

Last night was not a classy Sunday night for rapper Fetty Wap as we all know it. The artist, whose first singles debuted at the top of the Billboard charts was taken in the Las Vegas Police for several hours. It was breaching of public order and some fists here and there that led him to the police station.

According to the witnesses and the official statement, the young rapper hit a valet outside the Mirage Hotel at least three times. No one is still aware of why their conversation ended up like this.

Fetty Wap was looking like he can give the valet few more, but conscious citizens took part in the argument. This was probably the best thing to do to manage the situation and to stop the rapper born with the name Willie Maxwell from more troubles. The Mirage Hotel guest who made the arrest succeeded to hold the rapper until the police came to take care of him.


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This event came shortly after Fetty Wap’s name was connected to another accusation.

A girl who took part in one of his latest videos claimed the rapper misbehaved. She even failed a report back in LA for the “My Way “ author. Her accusations were for him hitting her in the hotel room. She and the witness told the police when the crew was in Airbnb hotel in Los Angeles they had a quarrel which ended with hitting not only her but also a witness who was in the same place.

Despite all these official claims, the investigation ended with no charges for the rapper. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case with the valet in Las Vegas, because there were too many witnesses of Fetty Wap hitting the person while the last one was doing his job.



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