Freddie Gibbs Goes Off On Akademiks: “I’mma Torture U”

Freddie Gibbs Goes Off On Akademiks: “I’mma Torture U”

The newest war in the hip-hop music world started on June 29 between Freddie Gibbs and Akademiks. Judging by the intensity of the verbal shots exchanged in social media two days after the beef started, it will be huge.

But it does not start just like that, there is a reason why these two are so mad at each other. Akademiks, or DJ Akademiks if you prefer, got very famous with his daily debate show called Everyday Struggle. In the show, Akademiks is partnering with another veteran from the genre Wayno.

What provoked the anger in Gibbs is a comment the DJ made on one of the editions of the Everyday Struggle, calling him “absolutely irrelevant”.  And this was also connected with the previous comment of Gibbs about his former boss during another interview, where Gibbs said Jeezy’s music is not relevant nowadays. And the ball kept rolling ever since.

Gibbs also promised that he will never give up until he is sure Akademiks has quitted his job as a co-host of Everyday Struggle.

I ain’t done with U pu**y. I’mma torture U until U quit your job.” The Bandana rapper said with IG post.

The issue between Gibbs and Akademiks went viral and even more heated from the moment the first one made a merchandise move. A very interesting product appeared to be on sale from yesterday.

Obviously designed by Freddie Gibbs there is a T-Shirt, dedicated especially to Akademiks. On the front side, there is the DJ’s head, combined with the body of Teletubby in red. On the back stays the sentence Akademiks is the police. The product is called Fuck Akademiks T-shirt and is available on sale in black and white.

And what is a real argument between two rappers without a nice sex scandal as part of it? Here the name of 6ix9ine is taking its part. Gibbs said he will be glad to see a proof that Tekashi and Akademiks did not have oral sex, as well as denial of the rumors, that some women were offered five thousand dollars for telling that they have slept with the DJ.

Seems like Akademiks and Gibbs have many issues, as the first one also requested to see the documents for tax refunds and other income documents of Gibbs, so it will become well-known who earns more and the rival will be over once and for all.



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