Freddie Gibbs Hints He’s Ready To End His Beef With Jeezy

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Freddie Gibbs Hints He’s Ready To End His Beef With Jeezy

Freddie Gibbs has sat down for an interview with the Vulture magazine published on Wednesday (Jan 13) where he opened up about his beef with Jeezy, Akademiks, his latest projects, and much more.

While talking with the interviewer, Freddie got hit with the question of possible peace between him and Jeezy, who dissed Gibbs with his latest track “Therapy For My Soul“.

Maybe. Maybe. I don’t see it as a big deal.” Gibbs started. “I was more hurt than anything. That’s what it feel like when one of your favorite rappers gets at you like that.” Gibbs added.

The Alfredo creator continued, describing his beef with Jeezy as a misunderstanding.

I don’t have beef with him like other people may. I think it was just two guys who didn’t communicate correctly.” Gibbs said.

In conclusion, Freddie Gibbs gave a positive way of his relationship with the ATL trap star.


And I still respect everything that he did musically. I still listen to his music. So, like I said, man, maybe one day, who knows?

Check out the full interview here.



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