Gucci Mane Faces Backlash For Wishing His Haters The Coronavirus

Gucci Mane Faces Backlas Over Coronavirus Tweet image

Gucci Mane went on Twitter earlier and drove himself a tsunami-size backlash for wishing Coronavirus to his haters. Though we love and recommend the humor, these days some topics are very sensitive. Especially now, when we are feeling the negative economic and social consequences of the Coronavirus. People are dying, every day the number of the infected is increasing.

If you still do not know what I mean check the latest tweet by the ATL rapper.

This kind of message in this situation could be called a bad taste. And that is the weakest word to use. The reactions were quick and they almost flooded the space. Of course, Gucci Mane addressed the Coronavirus “wishes” to all his haters, but Twitter doesn’t buy that.

Gucci’s words got him lots of negativity on Twitter, but still, the “Woptober” creator kept the post.



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