Hopsin Drops New “Kumbaya” Single And Video


Hopsin has dropped a new single “Kumbaya” and just like the last time when he shared “Covid Mansion“, the new track comes with a video.

The 34-year-old rapper is now back to making some new music for his fans and that’s good news following his retirement plans back in 2019. The “Kumbaya” single is produced by Hopsin (like usual he producing his own tracks).

The video for Hopsin’s latest single is shot by George Orozco in Thailand. During his time spent in the exotic country in 2020, the LA-born rapper delivered two videos. Back in March, Hop shared on his IG story a clip feeding monkeys and later running from them in Thailand. With the short story, Hopsin announced there will be a new video soon. Finally, we got it.


With one of his recent posts, “The Purge” rapper revealed he’s moving to Amsterdam, Netherlands and asked fans for some tips and even show him the town.



Check out the new “Kumbaya” video by Hopsin above.

Premiere: June 9, 2020

Director: George Orozco



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