Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Too Short & E-40 To Form A New Supergroup

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Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Too Short & E-40 To Form A New Supergroup

This time the great news came out from Too Short. He took part in the Serch Says podcast series and gave an interesting interview there. By that time closer to the end of the conversation around the 55 min mark, he decided to tell the secret and reveal the news for the formation of the newest supergroup together with Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and E-40. The names of such hip-hop heavyweights and legends are great enough to form a wave of interest in social media and all over.

It looks like the quarantine period evoked special powers in the artists all over the world and they found a way to work together, from a distance. That is how the supergroup started. Short said that he got calls from both Ice Cube and E-40 and they’ve wanted to record songs. Snoop Dogg joined later. The fact is that during the years these four have made an old school hip-hop project, but they never formed a group.

Short continues with his story as he says this will be a kind of West Coast Foundation. He also shared that the beats came easily because all of them had the idea and they were very clear about what they wanted to get out of this project. It is also a lucky thing that all of them have a home recording studio, which really made the songwriting and recording really easy.

So I get a call during the early part of the quarantine from E-40 and Ice Cube going, ‘Man, we feel like we should do an album. Like me, you … it’s E-40, Cube, Too $hort, and Snoop Dogg. And I’m like — E-40 and Too $hort from the Bay, Snoop Dogg and Cube are from L.A. and we like the West Coast foundation. We sat there and was like, ‘Fuck it, let’s do it.’ So, we start coming up with beats.” – Too Short said.

The distance seemed to have nothing to do with the success and the good work. Short said that the first twenty-five songs were maid in a very short time. And the plan of the supergroup is of course an album. Asked for the real name of the new formation, the rapper decided to keep this a secret. But judging on the class of the participants it will be a real thing.

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Meanwhile, it is not too much to say that the careers of Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Too Short, and E-40 are going well. Snoop Dogg is working on his solo album which is expected to be called Take It From A G, as well as having a leading role in the new boxing league. Forty Water just got 104.2 million streams on Spotify. Ice Cube is facing some political issues and Too Short is making his moves in the cannabis business.



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