Industry Standard a.k.a Indy Unveils New Video “Back it Up”

Industry Standard Unveils New Video

Industry Standard, also known as Indy, has once again graced the music scene with his latest visual masterpiece for the track “Back it Up” directed by the talented Charles Guyton.

The artist, renowned for his distinctive blend of rap and R&B, has consistently captivated audiences with his unique style and lyrical prowess. With this latest release, Indy takes his artistry to new heights, delivering a visual experience that is as mesmerizing as it is thought-provoking.

More about Indy

Inspired by his musically talented parents this American-born Nigerian artist who goes by Industry Standard, is truly a multi-faceted performer and certainly one to watch. This singer, songwriter, pianist and dancer was born on January 17, 1989, in Georgia. His mother sang in the church choir and his father was a skilled guitarist and trumpeter who influenced his musical gifts by surrounding him with music and introducing him to the rhythms of Fela Kuti. Fela Kuti, the creator of the Afrobeats further helped him to fall in love with music and had a huge influence on the style of music this artist produced.

Industry Standard describes his melodies as uplifting mid to hi-tempo dance songs. His career as a board-certified psychiatrist stimulates his songwriting by allowing his therapy skills to cast out the shadows from the perils of his patients’ stories and people who may be experiencing the same pain. He creates motivational and inspirational songs that relate to life’s struggles such as being in less fortunate situations or being poor, but more importantly, the sunshine that comes after the rain.
After graduating from medical school, Industry Standard decided to switch his focus to performing his style of music. What Indy loves most about performing is the impact that his music has on his fans.
Back to the new video.
Set against a backdrop of pulsating beats and infectious melodies, “Back it Up” serves as a testament to Indy’s ability to push boundaries and defy conventions. From the moment the video begins, viewers are transported into a world where rhythm and movement reign supreme. Each frame is meticulously crafted, weaving together elements of dance, fashion, and urban culture to create a tapestry of visual delight.
Check out the new video for ” Back it Up” below via YouTube.



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