J. Cole Supports The George Floyd Protestors In Fayetteville, NC

J. Cole Supports The George Floyd Protestsors In Fayetteville, NC

witter.ewThe death of George Floyd, a black man who was suffocated to death during his arrest, really unleashed unbelievable riots these days. While some protests may be going too far, there are still peaceful protests. J. Cole, who showed people can do more than tweet about what’s happening, went out on the streets to support protestors and the whole idea for justice.

While many rap stars expressing their outrage via social media, J. Cole who is well-known to be a man of the action supported the protesters in Fayetteville, NC yesterday on May 30. Back in the days, unfortunately, on THE SAME OCCASION, Cole attended such protests and supported them.

Even though the K.O.D. creator refused to take pictures with the fans, just because that would “detract” the main goal of the protest, some fans shared their moment on Twitter.




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