Ja Rule Blasts 50 Cent Again Over 6ix9ine Comments


Ja Rule Blasts 50 Cent Again Over 6ix9ine Comments

Sparkles went out in the public space between the two rappers once again. The reason why it happened so was another name from the same genre and this was 6ix9ine. From his appearance in the public, the rapper is very controversial persona and his name is often connected with scandals. Originally born in Brooklyn, the future star released his first single in 2017, called Gummo.

The Ja and the G-Unit boss have had many clashes through the years in the public space and many of them did not get to an agreement. It looks as if there is a serious rivalry between the two rap stars for a long time. As we mentioned the last one is from yesterday the 10th of Sept.

Ja Rule appeared on the Breakfast Club.

Ja Rule comments were regarding the relationship between the two 50 Cent and 6ix9ine. The first was helping the young rapper, but some people say that he was guiding his career and also telling him what music to do. 50 was accused of messing too much with 6ix9ine’s business. The comments of Ja Rule about this were really itchy. The whole story started a few months ago when 50 Cent took part in 6ix9ine video. In it, they played father and son respectively.

However, none of these can explain Ja’s rudeness for calling his college hoe and mother***ker – end of quote. Other improper comments from Ja Rule include calling the relations between 50 Cent and 69ix9ine – The pot calling the kettle back and dick riders.

Ja Rule Blasts 50 Cent Again Over 6ix9ine Comments image

The young rapper, who also did much charitable work during the years, set the conflict between the two rappers, was previously part of Ja’s record label. According to the facts, 50 Cent somehow convinced him to leave and come with him.

Also according to the sources both of them used the help of the authorities to protect themselves from following actions from the angry Ja. Of course, for the fans, they can only guess what exactly happened back then.

50 Cent has not come out yet with any comments, but we have no doubts that he will.



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