Ja Rule Wants ESPN Social Media Team Fired Following Mocking Tweet

Ja Rule Wants ESPN Social Media Team Fired Following Mocking Tweet

ESPN has reminded us all for the performance of Ja Rule during the half-time show at the Bucks-Timberwolves match last year. More specifically, the company’s twitter page uploaded a short video of the scene where Ja is asking the crowd “ARE YOU READY” and the silence that followed was devastating.

The problem that day was reported to be technical and Ja Rule’s mic was off so the audience didn’t react to his vibes. But…it’s hard to explain this to the masses. The tech problems brought a wave of trolling and mocking for the New York rap star, especially from his #1 enemy 50 Cent. After all, it all went fast and forgotten, until now.

ESPN’s social media team decided to drop something fun for the millions of followers and the video of Ja’s epic fail was the right one according to the team.

Never forget this Ja Rule moment,” the caption of the tweet says. We have to admit, watching this makes us laugh and even feel uncomfortable at the end.

Ja Rule took this personal (as he should) and clapped back at the sports giant asking the social media team of ESPN to get fired. Ja dropped a series of tweets describing the company’s employees as “unprofessional” and “clout chasing”.

it’s very unprofessional of @espn to try and diminish or discredit who and what I am to this culture…whoever post for your social accounts @espn needs to be FIRED,” Ja Rule wrote on Twitter.




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