Ja Rule Wants To Fight 50 Cent In Boxing Match Instead Of Verzuz Battle

Ja Rule Wants To Fight 50 Cent In Boxing Match Instead Of Verzuz Battle

Instead of battle on the Verzuz arena, Ja Rule prefers to fight 50 Cent in the boxing ring.

On Monday (Dec. 21) Ja Rule sat down with HipHopDX for an interview where the New York rhymer addressed the topic of the eventual Verzuz battle between him and his long-time enemy 50 Cent.

Ja Rule is sure no one will want the smoke. He made it clear, that even if he agreed to a hit-for-hit battle with 50, the In The Club rapper would turn down the proposal.

Everybody don’t want the smoke. Everybody don’t want this smoke. I got heat. Let me tell you something when I do my shows, I can rock. I’m telling you, it’s like an hour of straight hit records.” Ja Rule said.

Later on, Ja revealed that he sees Verzuz from the positive side and not as a place to bring your beef in.

Listen, man, I love Verzuz, I love what it is, I love to see artists getting in there and doing the shit, but if I did one, if I did do a Verzuz, I would want my Verzuz to be fun,” Ja stated. “That’s what Verzuz is supposed to be about — the celebration of music and the art, and the artistry,” he added.

The beef between 50 and Ja started 20 years ago and still, there are absolutely no signs of them squashing it. And a boxing match between Ja Rule and 50 maybe is what the hip hop needs right now, there is no response from Fif, but surely it will come when no one expects it.



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