Jay Electronica Finally Drops Debut LP “A Written Testimony”

Jay Electronica A Written Testimony album cover image

Jay Electronica Finally Drops Debut LP “A Written Testimony”

The long-awaited and desired album of Jay Electronica “A Written Testimony” is out. It is over for those who were very excited about the project. If you think why all the fuss is about, every time a new album is about to go out, there is such a panic and anxiety. But let me tell you – the rumors for this project are dated first from 2010. Yeah, that’s right, a decade ago.

Obviously, at some point, the work got stuck and it was renewed just forty days ago. That is the point when the fans got the message and promise that they will have the new project ready and out in just a month and a little more. It did get out.

“A Written Testimony” is the first studio album of Jay Electronica. Though he is now at the age of forty-three, his work with albums has just begun. He said he was inspired by LL Cool J and became widely popular with “Act I: Eternal Sunshine”. This is a mixtape Jay made and published personally on MySpace. The track is fifteen minutes long and shares messages from other artists, including Erica Badu.

If you wonder why the last name was mentioned here is why. The famous female singer was in a relationship with Jay Electronica, whose original name is Elpadaro Allah, for five years. The result of their love is a daughter, named Mars Makeba.

It seems the album is an interesting project itself, but see others. The album has ten tracks, it was announced to be made for forty days and this is the time it took for real. It is confirmed Jay-Z collaborated for some of the tracks. Just hours before the release Jay Electronica teased the fans as he released part of the tracklist in Arabic. After the translation, it became obvious that Travis Scott and The-Dream are also featured in the album. On the 26th of December was the first time Jay claimed he is seriously working and recording.

The album “Written Testimony” is expected to become a hit since it is a long time waiting. You can listen to it both on Tidal and Apple Music, so you can see what Jay Electronica was working on during the last ten years.

Check out the new album here:

Or Apple Music

Release Day: March 13, 2020

Label: Roc Nation



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