Jay-Z And Beyoncé Sued By Jamaican Artist Over The ‘Black Effect” Song

Jay-Z And Beyoncé Sued By Jamaican Artist Over The ‘Black Effect” Song

It turned out that the song Black Effect by Jay-Z and Beyoncé is sitting on a huge scandal and even a lawsuit. The project was out in 2018. It is part of the “Everything is Love” album. It was a collaboration in the family and also with some of the biggest names in rap and hip-hop such as Cool & Dre, as well as Pharrell Williams.

An interesting fact about the album’s release is that there was no official announcement for it. It was exclusively given rights to the music platform Tidal. The couple announced it during their concert in London as part of their tour, and shortly after that on their social media profiles. Though it came out in a strange way, it had a huge success in sales and also won a Grammy Award after being nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

However, according to the sources Dr. Stines, a Jamaican-based artist filed a lawsuit for the rights of the song. What is basically her claim for the Jay-Z and Beyoncé ‘Black Effect’ is the way her appearance was arranged.

The female artist, popular and trusted in her home, said that there were other arrangements with the Carters for а video and the promotion of the song. Dr. Stines further claimed that she was to help with the choice of dancers as well as the promotion of the video.

What happened to her as she heard the track Dr. Stines described as pure shock. And what is more important in this case – it is done without her permission at all. The song starts with almost a minute-long record of her voice, which she said is an “artistic rape”.

Dr. Stines has very clear claims against the Carters. According to her lawyer not only that her voice was used, but his client was not paid a cent for this participation in the video. It’s not like Hov and Bey lack money.

When the interview was taken, none of the future intentions of the Carter was announced or discussed. The Jamaican artist also wants to be compensated of course, for every loss and damage she experienced from that case. Unfortunately, Jay-Z and Beyoncé were not available for comment on the lawsuit filing. Probably these days we will know their official position on the matter.



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