Jay-Z Appointed As Chief Strategist In The Cannabis Company Caliva

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Jay-Z Appointed As Chief Strategist In The Cannabis Company Caliva

Yesterday number one cannabis company announced with a post on Instagram and on their website that the “99 Problems” rapper, JAY-Z has signed with them a multiannual contract for partnership.




What is Caliva and what they produce?

Caliva is a company that produces the top-selling cannabis products on the market which base is in San Jose, CA. It is founded in 2015 and from then it is number one in business. It has many awards in Happiness, Health and Healing categories. The company is placed in first place in 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup. They also produce vape pens, pre-rolls, tinctures, beverages, and lotions. But their products are available only in California for now.



What are the position of the rapper and his task in Caliva?

Jay-Z is the new chief strategist of the brand in this long-term partnership and his task is to promote the brand.

In this position, Carter will try to increase the economic participation of citizens who have returned from prison. Мany of them does not see the monetary benefits of legalizing marijuana. With his help and training in the workplace, he will try to carry out the development of the employees.

Caliva CEO Denis O`Malley said that he could not be happier than that to see JAY-Z working for them and this is proof that they are the most trusted brand in this business.

The rapper told in his interview that he wants to do his work as correctly as he can and on a high level. He finds a lot of potential in this industry and brand and wants to create something great with them.



Joining in the long list of rappers who are heading to the cannabis industry

JAY-Z is the twenty-seventh rapper who takes part in the cannabis industry after turning his enthusiasm in money-making work. Other famous rappers who are in this business are Snoop Dogg, who has created a marijuana website and sells his own weed product, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, B-Real and etc. Among these rappers is A$AP Rocky who is arrested in jail in Sweden yet.



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