Jay-Z Calls For Justice Served In The Case Of Ahmaud Arbery

Jay-Z Calls For Justice Served In The Case Of Ahmaud Arbery

Already more than two months have passed after the murder of Ahmaud Arbery – a case that is bringing many questions about justice and the work of the authorities. On May 10, Jay-Z and his Roc Nation published an open letter to the Georgia officials. It was addressed to the Governor, District Attorney and Attorney General.

It is signed from most of the powerful names, which are part of Hov’s company. Amongst them you can see Alicia Keys, Robert “Meek Mill“ Williams and Mario “ Yo Gotti“ Mims. The letter is also legalized by the names of two attorneys. The main reason for this act is the delay in justice, the arrest of the killers and also the slow trial.

It is not only the shooting and killing itself that is causing the disapproval of society. The crime is bringing back many fears, which also has historical roots. The fact that the murder happened in Georgia and that young an African-American was killed by two white people while jogging in the neighborhood is linked to the past.

The state of Georgia was not very famous for easily giving-up to the fact that African-American citizens deserve the same rights as the white guys, which is kind of racist and is causing tension and awful consequences.

The shooting of Ahmaud Arbery happened on the 23rd of February while the man was jogging in the neighborhood. During that, he came across Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael – white son and father. A too long time after the murder no investigation was undertaken until the leak of the video for the case, where there are undeniable proofs for the guilt of the McMichaels.

Just after that they were arrested and charged. But the society, Jay-Z and his Roc Nation team do not consider the measures enough and the trial fast enough. In the official letter they are also showing doubt for the objective decision due to the fact, that one of the convicts is a former police officer. They suggest the choice of a special prosecutor, who will help, but not hold down the case.

One thing is for sure – everybody has to take responsibility for their actions and no one deserves such a death, as the one of Ahmaud Arbery.



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