Jay-Z Gifts Meek Mill & Swizz Beatz With “Rolex” As VIP Pass For Gala

Jay-Z Gifts Meek Mill And Swizz Beatz With “Rolex” As VIP Pass For Gala image

Jay-Z Gifts Meek Mill And Swizz Beatz With “Rolex” As VIP Pass For Gala

If you have worried whether Jay-Z is rich enough you can now stay cool. He is not just rich – he is super-rich. The last gift Shawn Carter sent to two of his best buddies can be a good proof for that. How many of you have received a Daytona Rolex as a pass to an event instead of a simple invitation or another piece of paper? That is right – no one if you are not in Jay’s closest circle.

The upcoming event on the 15th and 16th of November, which is called “Shawn Carter’s Foundation Gala” made him more than generous.

Both of the lucky guys Swizz and Meek posted the watches on their recent Instagram story. Meek Mill shared a picture of the Rolex with the comment that Jay-Z is probably getting out of control with spending and laugh.

Meek Mill IG story image

Swizz Beats on the other side decided to show off in front of all his followers. He said that things are going on another level. And he added that this is quite an invitation to receive. Swizz also captioned the bottle of Ace which accompanied the Rolex.

Swizz Beatz IG story image

According to the information, the value of this special Rolex is not less than forty thousand dollars for a piece. But it is a good thing Mr. Carter has no limits when it comes to charity events. The multiple Grammy winner has invited very influential people to the November Gala Event which will take place in Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The evening according to the sources will feature blackjack tournaments. The money raised will be distributed by Jay-Z’s foundation and will cover scholarships, college preparation and other events, connected with the education of young people from the community.

This is not the first time Hov is catching public attention with expensive presents. An older Instagram post from Meek Mills reveals that Jay has given him the Roc-Nation Chain after the release of Meek’s album called “Championships”.

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#meekmill gets a ROC chain from #jayz

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So it will be no lie to say that having a business partnership and friendship with the first-ever rap Billionaire comes with five stars. For sure these Rolex watches are taking things to a different level.



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