Jay-Z Shares Why He And Beyoncé Remained Seated During The National Anthem

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Jay-Z Shares Why He And Beyoncé Remained Seated During The National Anthem

The emotions around the Super Bowl Game this year are still around. Everybody is talking about that and sharing an opinion. Except for the good game and the passionate performance of J-Lo and Shakira, awkward situations were not missing.

President Trump himself made a speech to remember, congratulating the winning team and moving Kansas City to the state of Kansas, but it is not something we would not expect from him. Jay-Z and Beyoncé also created some news.

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Besides the good and the best parts of the Super Bowl night in Miami, another act rose questions. During the national anthem of the USA, the Carters remain sitting though almost the whole stadium was on their feet. Considering the fact that Jay-Z was often known for his political awareness and not being afraid to say what is on his mind, many saw another statement in this. That is why an explanation was needed and the rapper just gave one.

HOV said it was all about work. Recently the rapper has signed a contract with the NFL, which is the main company to search and chose artists for the main events, happening under the Super Bowl name. That is why Jigga said in an interview obtained by TMZ when Demi Lovato started to sing the anthem, he went all ears and eyes, trying to catch every part of the performance from the professional side. He was catching the level of the mics, the New York-born rapper and producers said, was it too loud or too low, and any other manager’s stuff like this. In his defense, he also added that as a responsible parent, he will never draw his daughter in any political actions. And this sounds reasonable enough.

“… So  I’m really just looking at the show. Did the mic start? Was it too low to start? … Is there too many speakers on the floor?” Jay-Z said.

What mainly connected Jay-Z and family sitting during the performance is that he showed his support for Kaepernick. The former quarterback, who is now free agents, is very famous for his protests. The forty-nine-year-old Colin was blackballed from the league for his actions, but this does not seem to stop him from doing what he is doing.

So now since we know the original reason for Jay-Z and Beyonce sitting during the anthem, we will be looking forward to the next year. It will be really interesting to reveal the choice of performer for the next time since the level was put so high in 2020.



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