Joe Budden Take Shots At Logic: “Easily One Of The Worst Rappers…”

Joe Budden Take Shots At Logic: “Easily One Of The Worst Rappers…” image

Joe Budden Take Shots At Logic: “Easily One Of The Worst Rappers…”

It is not the first time Joe Budden’s opinion causes a real tornado in the hip-hop society. The last episode of Joe Budden Podcast, Friday (Oct. 11) edition was not any exception from that. During the airing of the show the crew, that was in the studio, listened to the Logic’s latest single. It is called “Twisted” and also features Juicy J, French Montana and ASAP Rocky (check it out here).

Joe even could not listen to it till the end when he felt the need to express his disappointment from Logic.

Budden’s words for Bobby came really as a surprise having in mind how successful the Maryland-born rhymer is. And there are many facts which are official, proving that Logic is not so bad at all. When released his first album in 2014 called Under Pressure it reached the number four of the US Billboard 200 Chart.

Lately, the same track was certified to be gold. And this was not a one-hit wonder. The first album was followed by The Incredible True Story and Everybody, respectively made in 2015 and 2017. Both of them deserved the love of the critics. Everybody even surpassed the incredible success of the first album, as it reached the Billboard’s 200 number one. With this, it also won the label platinum, as it was breaking the sales.

“You are horrible, man” Joe added.

Joe Budden’s negativism was very far from the real logic. It seems like there is something else hidden behind this so-called spoken truth for the Limitless author. A person should have some serious reasons when calling a colleague “disgrace to the microphone”.

It was obvious Joe’s opinion was not very objective. His co-hosts Rory and Mol also listened to the track Twisted but none of them reached the same conclusion as Joe.

The host of the same-named Podcast was also known to have negative reviews for several other rappers and for using the air to speak freely he feels like to be discussed. Lately, the same criticism occurred Swae Lee for his new track with Drake. Back then the rapper went back at Joe.

Yet there is no response from Logic for Joe’s reviews. Knowing the way of communication, we doubt that the young rapper will drop a comment to that.



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