Johnny Depp & Forest Whitaker Investigate Murders Of Biggie & Tupac In New Movie City of Lies

Johnny Depp & Forest Whitaker Investigate Murders Of Biggie & Tupac In New Movie City of Lies

The trailer for the new movie City Of Lies which follows the investigation of the murders of Biggie and Tupac, starring Forest Whitaker and Johnny Depp is out now.

The circumstances surrounding the murders of two of the biggest names in rap music Biggie and Tupac are still a mystery almost 25 years later. The movie “City of Lies” presents the investigation of the killings of two of the most influential rappers of all time. The main roles of the detective and the journalist working on the case are given respectively to Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker.

Johnny Depp recreates the character of Russell Poole who was one of the men who worked on the case. Nowadays he is a retired LAPD detective, but back in 1997, he was working at the homicide investigation. The death of Tupac and Biggie is something that put a stamp on Poole’s career.

How it usually happens in real life and this special situation, the investigation of such famous people and such complicated cases is using the help of journalists. In this case, it is the character of the journalist, named Jack Jackson played by Forest Whitaker. The original script for the movie is written by Randall Sullivan.

There are also other interesting facts around the making of the “City of Lies” and the almost two-decades-old murder cases. The original name of the book of Sullivan published in 2002 was LAByrinth. It was also the first name of the movie. The date of the release was back in 2017-2018. Many factors led to this significant postponement. The main of it was the legal issues with the Global Road Entertainment Company. There was also unsorted stuff concerning Johnny Depp and the location of the scenes.

After almost three years of no changes, things went back and forward just after the distribution right was sold to Saban Films. The production is now finished and the expected official date of the release is March 19. The two main characters are supported by another Hollywood star Toby Huss. He is taking the part of detective Fred Miller. The director of the movie is Brad Furman.

Check out the official 2021 trailer below.



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