Juelz Santana Is Finally Out Of Jail: “I missed my family”

Juelz Santana Is Finally Out Of Jail: “I missed my family”

The release of Juelz Santana was one of the most expected ones these days. Finally, Juelz Santana is out of jail after 1 year and six months. Unfortunately, the rapper could not make his time behind the bars shorter but the time in prison has officially come to an end and his relatives and fans are very happy about that.

Juelz is a very lucky person because he did not lose the support of his family even for a second. His wife defended him with all her power and never let him down. She even started a petition to set the rapper free earlier.

Because not one or two rappers ended in prison let’s make a retrospective of Santana’s case. He was arrested back in March 2018 at the Airport. He was caught when arriving at the Newark Liberty International Airport for breaking the law with two felony charges.

First Juelz was proven for carrying a gun, which was illegal, loaded, and not declared. And second, he was also loaded with oxycodone pills, which was found in his luggage. Third, but then corrected, he escaped from the airport and hid for several days from the police. Luckily, Santana than turned himself in several days after the incident at the airport.

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The first sign for Juelz coming home came one week ago from his wife. Unfortunately, as she said something went wrong and he wasn’t out back then. Thanks to his conscious and his decision to turn himself out and plead guilty, the rapper got just 18 months in prison, which luckily have passed already.

On the 5th of August, he was able to hug all the members of his family, waiting outside the prison for him to come out. The wife, who we mentioned before, Kimbella, is a mother of three, and never turned against her man, whatever he decided to do. The third child was born while Juelz was in prison, which made him even more impatient and motivated to get out.

On August 5 just after seven hours of waiting outside Kim was able to see her man and hug him finally. He was, of course, wearing a mask and looking relieved and happy. Shortly after his release from prison, Santana shared two posts. In the first he shared how much he missed his family and that God is good, and in the second he showed his new hat with the words Santana Free, matching his T-shirt.




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