Juelz Santana’s Wife Launches Petition To Get Him Released From Prison

Juelz Santana and his Wife

Juelz Santana met the support of his wife Kimbella James as she has launched a petition at Change.org. Kimbella asks the Judge to release her husband earlier because of the COVID-19. The extraordinary situation leads to extraordinary measures. It seems like, since the Coronavirus outbreak, everything has turned upside down. The conditions in the U.S. prisons are even worse now because of the risk and the additional restrictions.

Kimbella has found herself very stressed and worried about her husband, who is currently serving time in prison. That is why recently she has launched a petition for releasing the rapper. Her greatest concern is, of course, the Coronavirus pandemic. And the prisons as we all know, are places, where many people are together at very poor hygienic measures.

The “Free Juelz Santana Petition”

For a very short period of time, the document gained more than three thousand signatures. Juelz Santana’s wife addressed the petition to Honorable Judge Chesler. To add importance and special meaning to her words, Kimbella added that Juelz, also known as Laron James, is a good husband, friend, son, brother and father and he deserves to be with his family at this moment.

“He is a good husband, father, son, brother, friend and has a positive media influence as a legendary rap artist.”

Juelz Sanatana was charged with two years sentence after the police tried to arrest him at the Newark Liberty International Airport. The check discovered a loaded gun and oxycodone pills in his carry luggage, which led to these consequences. The rapper jumped in a taxi and tried to escape the arrest, but several days later he turned himself in.

During the trial, The Diplomats rapper made a deal to avoid a maximum sentence of twenty years. By pleading guilty he got his two years sentence, of which he already served thirteen months. Long before the petition and just before going to prison, Juelz Santana made his long-time girlfriend Kimbella James his wife.

This is not the first case for asking for an early release due to the coronavirus. Since the start of the pandemic, the rapper YNW Melly also asked for the same. On April the 3rd this year, Tekashi 6ix9ine even got released in fact and continued to serve his sentence from home for the same reasons. It is expected many more of these petitions to be received for people serving short sentences. We will see how the Honorable Judge will approve this petition and let Juelz Santana spend the rest of his time home instead of in prison.



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