Jussie Smollet Attacked In Chicago, Rappers Show Support


Jussie Smollet Attacked In Chicago, Rappers Show Support

The Empire (FOX’s TV series, expressing the hip hop industry) star Jussie Smollet was attacked yesterday morning by two unknown (at least for now) men.

A Chicago police report reveals that the attack of the 36-year-old actor is racist and homophobic charged crime judging by the fact that the assaulters were yelling racial and homophobic slurs addressed to the TV star. Smollet was poured with unknown liquid.

It’s also mentioned that one of the men wrapped a rope around Smollet’s neck.

Just like in some Hollywood production, before the accident Jussie received a letter crafted with cut out letters, with sign “You will die black f*g”.

The hip hop community did not remain indifferent after this. Big names in the rap game like 50 Cent, T.I., X-Zibit, Twista and many more reacted on their social media profiles and showed support for the actor and even expressed the anger that comes after such accident.

T.I. made aggressive style IG post about the atack and was clear that “Revolution is imminent”



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