Kanye West Addresses J. Cole and Drake In New Leak.

Kanye West Addresses J. Cole and Drake In New Leak. image

Kanye West Addresses J. Cole and Drake In New Leak.

Kanye West Trying To Clear The Air With One Of His Latest Tracks.

The public knows that hip-hop and rap artists and writers are very emotional and they quickly can start a fire, which will last for years. They often make strong relationships and call themselves brothers. But when they shoot, they do it for real. The history remembers many beefs, which were expressed in the songs, and many careers, which ended badly.

Kanye West, who is the main character in today’s story, is known to be one of the most balanced of all, who often stays in the shadow and do not take part in conflicts and public arguments. He is also famous for having several years of a tense relationship with one of his most famous colleges Drake.

No matter how balanced we can consider that Kim’s husband gave freedom to his feelings and tried to say some things he was holding inside for a while.

In his since the there-removed new leak, which is also unnamed and not officially released, Kanye is referring to both Drake and J. Cole.

Quote: “Like J. Cole, damn, my own city turned they back on me, they thought I told Push about Drake’s son, God damn,”

The tense relationship between Drake and Kanye is dated from 2009. It is public fact that back then they exchanged very angry tweets, which marked the beginning of their conflict. In 2010 the controversy about the leak of Find Your Love song made the dialog between the two rap-stars even more electrified.

The version which was released without any note in the internet space was completely different from the one officially circling a few months later. Surely some parts were missing.

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian image
Kanye West & Kim Kardashian West

A very unpleasant fact to Kanye who is now happily married to reality star Kim Kardashian, with whom they have two kids, was to find out Drake was taking out his ex-girlfriend. Amber Rose who split up with Mr. West on July 2010, was seen and shot with Drake in September the same year.

During the next years, they shared thoughts about each other in interviews and publications and referred to one another, both with good and bad.

As for Kanye, we can say he was never looking for attention and controversy. It is most likely for Mr. West to somehow clear the air as we like to express and to show he is holding no bad feelings but is only trying to stay clear and true to himself and what he is doing.

As for J. Cole…

The Dreamville’s boss made it clear back in 2016 that he have some differences when it comes to Ye. While there was a lack of response from the “Stronger” rhymer, it seems like time has come in May 2019 with the unofficial release titled “What Would Meek Do”.



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