Kanye West And Dr. Dre Just Announced “Jesus Is King 2”

Kanye West And Dr. Dre Just Announced “Jesus Is King 2” image

Kanye West And Dr. Dre Just Announced “Jesus Is King 2”

We can feel the holidays are coming as the surprises get more and more frequent. Just a month after releasing the “Jesus Is King” album, the unstoppable Kanye gave us a hint that volume two is ready to go. Not that we are complaining. It seems like the “Follow God” rapper and husband of Kim Kardashian feels like giving much to the public and fans.

There is absolutely no way for a joint project from producers like Ye and Dre to not become great. The announcement was made from both Dr. Dre and Kanye via Twitter. On the picture, you can see Dre pointing at Kanye and smiling, and Kanye staying serious in the background. It is obviously been taken in the recording studio which proves the news is not fake.

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Ye and Dre Jesus is King Part II Coming Soon

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Dr. Dre is one of the biggest names in the rappers-producers business. His genius stays behind some of the most epic hip-hop and R&B hits of our times. His business is huge and he turns many unknown people into world-wide famous and recognizable faces. Usually, everything which is produced and touched by Dre becomes huge.

His co-work with Kanye is really something we can look forward to. As we mentioned it comes shortly after his first gospel album. Many were skeptical about the style of the music and found it old-fashioned and not very likely to become popular. Jesus Is King not only proves them wrong. It nailed at the top of the Billboard Chart and left them with their mouths and eyes wide open.

The rumors have it that the album’s first volume will be equipped with an identically named tour soon. Kanye also received many accusations for – how to say it – his excessive love for God. And not only that – but also showing that love too much, making songs for it, talking about that all the time. That is why Kanye showed at Houston to give his support to Pastor Joel Osteen who also experienced people’s anger. Kanye said that many do not understand their worship and their path, but what you feel in your heart you should not hide, especially when it is love and belief.

It is still not clear how big exactly is Dr. Dre’s part in the project and many details were not revealed, but something tells me we will not wait long to find out.


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