Kanye West Announces New Album “DONDA” To Drop This Friday

Kanye West Announces New Album “DONDA” To Drop This Friday

The attention Kanye West managed to gather during these last few weeks is huge and he seems to be using it accordingly, as he is now turning back to music, announcing new album DONDA dropping this Friday. Many of us remember the unexpected decision of the multi-platinum rapper to run for president in the 2020 elections.

Everybody expected a message, connected with the politics and his campaign, but Kanye took another turn and surprised with an album announcement on Twitter. The new project has the interesting name “Donda” and the official date of the release is set for July 24, 2020. The message was short with no explanation but yet, clear enough to know what is going on.

Kanye West Announces New Album “DONDA” To Drop This Friday tweet

Piece by piece the announcement was put all together. In early Saturday afternoon, Kanye himself revealed the list of tracks, which was handwritten by him. Obviously, the Donda project will play some of the long-waited collaborations, such as one with Nicki Minaj in the single New Body also Ye’s latest release Wash Us in The Blood featuring Travis Scott.

Kanye West Announces New Album “DONDA” To Drop This Friday tracklist image

As we mentioned several times the surprising announcement of the album, it will be no lie to say that it was expected a little bit. There were rumors for it, though it was known to be coming out under a different name. The original title of the expected project was “God’s Country” since Kanye West is well known for his interest in these ideas and claims to have a connection with the spiritual and religious side of life.

Donda is actually the name of his late mother Donda West. Mrs. West passed away three years ago after surgery with very serious complications. It is a great idea to name an album after your mother. It seems like he has still not overcome the grief as he uses every chance to honor his mother. The date of the announcement of the title track was the birthday date of Mrs. West.

What to say about his running for president? Considered as a fake act, which will help the current president Trump to win the race again, it seems more and more that Kanye West is actually taking it very seriously. He has not dropped this ambition so far which is the reason why many of his critics are changing their minds about his presidential campaign.



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