Kanye West Apologizes To Kim Kardashian, Gets Hospitalized

Kanye Kim

The drama in the family of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took new turns these days. The peace was hardly hit by the mixed messages Ye was releasing day after day. He claimed the Kardashian family is against him. After that, he said he wanted divorce and revealed very personal information about Kim’s life. Hours after that the messages were deleted. Now the “Jesus Is King” rapper came out to apologize and to say he is sorry for his acts against his wife.

Meanwhile, Kim had to explain to the world that the reason her husband was so unstable is that he is struggling with his bipolar disorder for years now. It looks like she did not consider the fact or did not care at all this could ruin all his hopes for being in the presidential elections. After all, what is done is done and can not be taken back, since the whole world was watching.

Saturday afternoon Kanye had another episode. According to TMZ around 7.33 p.m., he was spotted in the Emergency Room of the local hospital near his ranch in Wyoming, where he was accompanied by a friend. Few minutes after his arrival he left. Later the speakers of the family explained Kanye saw too many people, which made him feel very uncomfortable and he wished to leave.

Kanye West Apologizes To Kim Kardashian, Gets Hospitalized

Later it became clear that the reason why he needed professional help was an episode of anxiety, probably connected with his bipolar state. But the rapper continued to feel uncomfortable and the hospital sent an ambulance shortly after Kanye was not near. The ambulance headed to his property in Wyoming that the family has since 2019. It seems Ye likes the area very much because he owns not one, but two of them there. The second purchase became fact in the late autumn of 2019 as we mentioned and the property cost almost fifteen million dollars to the Kanye-Kim empire.

Back to the rapper’s health – it seems as the problem was not that big, because the ambulance left a few minutes ago, also without the rapper inside.

Our prayers go with Kanye and wish him a fast recovery.



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