Kanye West Banned From Twitter, Here’s Why

Kanye West Banned From Twitter, Here’s Why (Kanye West image)

We will stop seeing tweets from Kanye West for now, because the rapper was banned from Twitter on September 16, 2020. Ye has generated a lot of retweets and traffic, connected with his account recently with tons of wild tweets. The reason for the ban from the social media giant was one of Kanye’s posts on Twitter where he reveals some personal information about the Forbes chief content officer Randall Lane, including his phone number.

While the publicity of the rapper and his wife isn’t something new and this does not bother Kim and Kanye, it is truly a problem for many other people.

What happened exactly? The posts from the Kardashians and Kanye are so many that it is really hard to follow. But the public is interested in their life and they want to see more and more. And they are giving it to them. That is why a person will not be surprised if there is a video of Kanye urinating not somewhere else but at the Grammys. And also sharing some scandalous information about the contracts in show business and the way he sees things.

What made the administrators’ team ban his account is the reason he shared very personal information about third party. And besides the fact this is not proper, it is also against the rules of social media, so it could not be left like that without any consequences.

Kanye shared just like that a screenshot from his phone, showing the personal number of the editor of Forbes. We can only imagine what happened with that man after that. The tweet was accompanied by a text saying that this is the number of a white supremacist, adding clearance for who exactly this is.

The good part for Kanye is that he is actually temporarily removed from Tweeter until he shows some good manners and removes the personal information he shared.



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