Kanye West Faces Defeat In Presidential Race, Hints A 2024 Campaign

Kanye West image presidential campaign 2020

Kanye West faces defeat in this year’s Presidential race with closely 60,000 votes across 12 states.

Ye entered the 2020 ballot surprisingly and everything he did this year seemed chaotic and far from any logic. Probably the fact that he did not put enough effort into his Presidential campaign led to these results. Kanye is defeated this time but he did not lose hope as he already claimed he will take part in the US President Elections in 2024.

Since the first time Ye announced to be a candidate for the ballot in July, the personality of the rapper is scandalous, his every move is watched closely and he is full of controversy. The fact that Kanye did not succeed in most of the states naturally took him to the next possible option, which is to be a write-in candidate. The meaning of this term is for someone, who is not officially on the ballot but his/her name is put physically from the voters. Surely there were many speculations that Kanye taking part in the elections just to help Trump win again.

Watch: Kanye West Presents His First Presidential Campaign Ad

It seems like Kanye West learned his lesson and started his campaign from now. He, as expected, took it all on Twitter. He published a picture of him in front of the map of the USA. The already-edited post says “KANYE 2024”.

He did not miss the chance to make his vote public as he said to the people that now he is voting for the first time and this is also the first time he made a reasonable choice as he voted for himself of course.



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