Kanye West Files Legal Papers Asking To Change His Name To “Ye”

Kanye West Files Legal Papers Asking To Change His Name To “Ye”

Kanye West or soon to be known only as YE is one of the rappers with the most extravagant decisions and reputation of all. The newest thing about him is that, according to the reports, he is planning to officially change his name and to be no more called Kanye West.

Probably this has something to do with the deep changes in his life recently – as you know he is now a divorced, ex-candidate for president.

The full name of the rapper is Kanye Omar West. It is not the first time he claims he wants to remove the West part from his legal name. It is the first time though he requested a complete change.

The rapper filed legal papers to the L.A. Court, waiting for permission to call himself just YE.

September 2018 was the first time he some kind of gave a hint that the full name Kanye West is somehow disliked by the star. It is official now.

Meanwhile, Ye is organizing the third public hearing of his upcoming album “Donda” and this somehow is turning into a tradition. For the new show which will be at the Chicago Soldier Field, he arranged the stage to be decorated like his childhood home. Probably this will make the effect of the hearing even bigger and more impressive.



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