Kanye West Invites Drake On Stage To ‘Put their differences to rest’

Kanye West Invites Drake On Stage To ‘Put their differences to rest’

It is not a secret, that Kanye West, who is now officially Ye, and Drake – two of the biggest names in the hip-hop making and producing – are not being on great terms for a long time. They have been exchanging very hard words in public and via the internet, which led to the situation that it is impossible for them to stay in the same room.

Recently though one of them is going through extreme and life-changing circumstances which, looks like, made him rethink his opinion about some things in life. The beef with Drake is one of the points.

The place and the time for the new beginning between Ye and Drake are also known now. Kanye will be hosting a gig on the 7th of December and he invited Drake to be his special guest on it.

Ye, who is now 44 years old reached out his hand to the thirty-five years old Drake on a specially made video with the invitation. His wish is clear – to put the differences away and to forget about the feud.

The video was posted on Instagram by J. Prince. Kanye is looking at his phone and claiming that he has been exchanging messages with Drake and making things work between the two of them.

This is Ye and J. Prince. I’m making this video to address the ongoing back and forth between myself and Drake. Both me and Drake have taken shots at each other and it’s time to put it to rest“, Ye says in the video.

I’m asking Drake on December 7 to join me on stage as a special guest to share the two biggest albums of the year, live in Los Angeles, with the ultimate purpose to free Larry Hoover,” the DONDA creator added.

If Drake decides to join the gig, Ye says he will enjoy listening to the two biggest albums of the year, as well as help the cause of the event, which is to free Larry Hoover.

Kanye is very determined about that. He says that Drake’s participation will not only help the cause but show to the people that being a human and nice person is bigger than the ego. J. Prince adds that the sudden meeting with Ye is a sign that this is the right thing to do at that moment. The story of Larry Hoover is explained in one of the tracks of Ye’s album Donda. He has been a gang leader for a long time, who is now serving six life sentences in the prison of Colorado.

Watch the video below.



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