Kanye West Is Now Officially A Billionaire, Forbes Reports

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According to the latest information, made public this Friday on the 24th of April, hip-hop music has its second representative in the world of billionaires. Kanye West is now a billionaire. Last year Jay-Z entered the chart, and now it is obvious Kanye West is following his steps. Now Kanye is the freshman in the Forbes list full of billionaires.

The Forbes chart of the richest people in the world is the most prestigious and accurate way to say to the world “Hi! I am rich!” The magazine, which is established in 1917 has founded these charts, so everybody that is somebody is announced to the world. Of course, the most famous thing about the Forbes magazine is the ranking.

Nowadays several charts are active. Annually the magazine is putting data for America’s richest top 400, world top companies, world’s most powerful women, 30 under 30 and of course the last one, which is the main topic of this article – the World’s Billionaires.

This news comes with a few explanations and also speculations that the figures are not exactly that way.

What made Kanye West a billionaire?

First of all, Kanye West did not go in this billionaire’s world for his music career. The biggest part of his fortune and earnings is dew to his impressive deal with the Adidas company. According to it, annually Kanye should have been keeping fifteen percent of the revenue from the sports giant which is, imagine how much.

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That puts the rapper with approximately one and a half billion richer than the previous year. Even with the information for the taxes and other stuff that cuts the percentage to eleven, it is still an impressive figure many people can only dream of.

Kanye’s bill is also providing information for his other profits and assets. According to that, he owns eighty-one million in estates, seventeen million in cash. Remember where the “Jesus Is King” video was shot? Yes, Kanye’s Wyoming ranch which is part of his twenty-one million invested in lands. Kanye also got some big money from publishing rights, and last but not least thirty-five million in stocks.

Kanye West Is Now Officially A Billionaire, Forbes Reports
Kanye West’s Wyoming Ranch footage (Jesus Is King video)

Besides that, there are rumors that Dre and Diddy have both been part of this chart for a long time, but there was no fuss about that. If we have to be objective, it is very likely for this to be true, because they have a serious presence on the market and have done a lot for hip-hop music.

So, what we can say – Mr. West fair took his place between the other rich people. Congratulations Ye!


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