Kanye West Is Running For President, Yes He Is

Kanye West Is Running For President, Yes He Is

This year of 2020 is nothing but full of surprises, accidental changes, and everything that seemed to be impossible to become a reality. 4th of July – Independence Day – one of the most cherished holidays in the USA did not break this rule (or exception of the rules) as it brought a new candidate for the presidential elections. Not anyone else but Kanye West used the national holiday to announce via Twitter that he is going to take part in the elections coming this year and will run for President.

The message sent to the community was not long. It was only two sentences and says it all. He is basically saying that Americans should come back to God, their trust, and belief in the future. And it finishes simply with: “I am running for president of the United States.

The simpler it seems the fuller of surprises and hidden messages, as well as controversial the message is. Of course, it brought an ocean of reactions and guessing. And the second one is not lacking a reason at all. Ever since Donald Trump was elected, Kanye was always somehow trying to show his support for him.

That is why many are suspicious about this message. The first group is accusing Kanye of trying to split the vote on the ballot and thus help President Trump to be legally re-elected. Strange idea but not unreal at all, having in mind the way Mr. Trump won the first time.

Others are willing to see a simple act of advertising, as the rapper is on his way of releasing a new album God’s Country. It’s not like Ye doesn’t get enough attention. If the Grammy Award winner is serious about his intentions for president, he has already been seriously behind some deadlines. According to the law, Kanye missed the registration date in several states, which is already a big problem.

A big part of the society is not seeing him as a serious candidate, as the rapper is playing with the idea ever since 2016. He has been serious back then as well, but nothing happened after that. We are all very curious about his political ideas, which if we are lucky, are to be presented to the world in a very short time.



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