Kanye West Lands At No.1 On Billboard With “Jesus Is King”

Kanye West Lands At No.1 On Billboard With “Jesus Is King” image

Kanye West Lands At No.1 On Billboard With “Jesus Is King”

The week Kanye West’s new album was released it went to the top of Billboard Chart and made quite an appearance. With few delays, “Jesus Is King” finally arrived. Mrs. West took a big role in the mystery, surrounding the album release.

As we know Kanye is not famous for his punctuality when announcing the future dates of releasing of either tracks or albums. We will just say that the initial date for the “Jesus is King” release was Sep. 25. But when you made such a masterpiece, we can all forgive him, can we?

With the new release, Ye made his fans happy and the numbers showing it. Mr. West broke his personal record with a ninth number one album in a row. At the top of this chart, there are only two people with such an achievement – him and Eminem.

What happened between the 25th of September and the real date of the release, which was October, 25? After the September date passed with no news Kim promised that by 29th it will be out, but guess what – it did not. Kanye made the new announcement for October by midnight, but it came in the afternoon. But who cares now? The album pulled almost 200 000 streams which equal to 264 000 sold pieces. Besides this, there are 109 000 pure sales.

The fuss around the album helped the same called documentary film gain significant incomes. The 35-minute long movie reached one million copies in the first week of the premiere. The documentary is released with the help of IMAX which is planning to expand outside the USA. Another seventy-eight countries will share the story for making and releasing the “Jesus is King” album of Kanye. There is no need to say that though the previous album of Kanye also went to the top one, it stepped back when it comes to figures comparing.

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