Kanye West Shares New “Jesus Is King” Release Date With A Tweet

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Kanye West Shares New “Jesus Is King” Release Date With A Tweet

Kanye West is back on Twitter for good. The “Gold Digger” creator was on full Twitter absence since January 1st, 2019 and now he’s back with some good news for his stans.

A Few hours ago, Ye announced once again a day for his highly-anticipated project to reach the audience. According to Kanye’s tweet, the project will arrive alongside his “Jesus Is King” movie, which it’s already confirmed to hit the theaters on Oct. 25.

Unlike the last announcement that leftover millions of frustrated fans, made by his wife Kim, this time the info comes straight from the source. I hope this time there will be no broken hearts and broken promises as well.

In other news, Ye reportedly was about to quit the rap music according to his pastor, who recently sat down with Apologia Radio and opened up about his conversations with the Multi-platinum rhymer and producer. Make the long story short, Tyson revealed that Mr. West was about to give it quits on the rap because he considered it as a “Devil’s music” but after their convo, Kanye was ready to use his talent to praise the God.


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