Kanye West Sued By Tech Company Over Unpaid Sunday Service Work

Kanye West Sued By Tech Company Over Unpaid Sunday Service Work

The situation around Ye is getting more complicated. After the personal issues and family problems, Kanye West is now getting sued by tech company MyChannel Inc over unpaid services during his viral “Sunday Service” last year.

Make the long story short, back in 2018, the rapper contacted MyChannel Inc., in order to use their services. What he needed was a boost in sales and merchandise. The mentioned company is specialized in e-commerce technology and seemed perfect for the job.

According to the team of lawyers, defending MYC, the team took very seriously this project and made everything possible to please Mr.West’s needs, so he can like the final product of the cooperation. For six months the team of the MYC company put much effort and money, as well as working hours. That is why the claim is estimated to be no less than twenty million dollars. According to the company’s lawyers, this will cover all the expenses.

The cost includes more than ten thousand man-hours and invested more than seven million dollars from its own budget to cover the expenses on the project. The work with Kanye includes several unusual services as changing the headquarters of the company not once, but twice for the period of the cooperation with the singer. On his insist they once went to Calabasas, and the second time to Chicago.

Kanye West Sunday Service image
Kanye West Performance at Sunday Service

Everything was done in favor of the partnership, which unfortunately did not end very well for the MyChannel Company.

According to the filed accusations, Kanye West broke the contract rules, as he did not pay any of the promised money for the work. Nevertheless, he did not hesitate to use the technical services and ideas they offered and integrated into his brand. The newly launched by then line called Sunday Service used everything created from the company team to help its sales boost.



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