Kanye West Teases New Track ‘Believe What I Say’, Drops Short Snippet

Kanye West image on stage

Finally, after tons of Tweets and controversy, Kanye West‘s fans will taste some new music instead, with the new track “Believe What I Say”.

On his recently unbanned Twitter profile, Kanye shared a 38 seconds-long snippet of his what’s expected to be next single named “Believe What I Say”. The song is sampled of Laurin Hill’s 1999 “Doo-Wop (That Thing)”.

The short clip shows a group of people on a boat in the middle of the ocean and the one guy who is capturing the moment with the breathtaking view.

Is good to see that Ye is back to making some new music for his starving fans after so much drama in his life recently. While fighting for the presidential ballot, going through some inner problems, fighting with the record labels for his music masters, and conquering his Twitter account back after it was banned, Kanye finds time to create some new track and the fans already can’t wait.

Check out the snippet below.



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