Kanye West’s “Donda” Listening Event Breaks Record On Apple Music

Kanye West’s “Donda” Listening Event Breaks Record On Apple Music

Just before Kanye’s album “Donda” to turn into the next mythic creature in the world of hip-hop something big happened. The second listening event for Donda broke Apple Music‘s record for the most-streamed online events.

The long-expected album was first time announced last summer. Unfortunately, Kanye faced many unpleasant moments in his personal life during the same period. As well as health issues. The divorce with Kim was the last drop to make him cancel most of his projects.

Happily, the story goes well for now. Recently, Kanye postponed the release of the album once again. It was announced for the 23rd of July. But it did not happen again. Now the new expected date is this Friday, August the 13th.

Meanwhile, Kanye organized two events on which the audience was able to listen to the Donda project. One of them took place in Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It was just a few days after the 23rd of July.

The second listening party for Donda happened on the 5th of August and it was the one that broke the Livestream record on Apple Music. Just for the first day of the streaming, it went to the impressive 5.4 million viewers. It is very close to the absolute record for streaming which belongs to Emmys last September that reached 6.1 million viewers. Good enough we can say. In total, the second listening event for Donda secured over 7 million streams.

Kanye except as a good rapper is known also as a wise and successful businessman. Though the official release of the album is not yet on, there was an option for the fans to buy it during the listening party.

Thank God the 13th of August is close so we will not wait long until it is clear what will happen. The rumors say that the first single to be released from this album will be Hurricane featuring Lil Baby and The Weekend.



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