Kanye West’s Surprise for Kim Kardashian On FaceTime


Well this is how you make serenade to your wife.

The rapper and producer know how to make Kim happy and what better then facetiming her favourite group 112 preforming live, special for her the love song “Cupid”. The song is from the first studio album of the group with the same name “112” released in 1996.

Kim Kardashian posted a video of how her husband Kanye West surprised her.

Without any idea what was about to happen Kim answered the facetime call from Kanye and by her reaction we see how much she like the way Kanye showing his love.

In the conversation she says that’s the best day in her life. Kim admits she loves the R&B group and their songs.

Seeing Kanye with 112 makes us think that soon there will be some kind of collaboration between them.  For now we can just guess but time will show. Recently the rapper featured in the video of YNW Melly’s song “Mixed Personalities”

One thing we can say for Kanye, he knows how to make surprises and great presents for his wife. In the wrap of 2018 Mrs. West got a $14 million worth Miami apartment as Christmas present.

As recently confirmed, the couple awaiting their fourth child and yeah it’s a boy.



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