Kendrick Lamar and Russel Westbrook Join Compton Peace Walk

Kendrick Lamar and Russel Westbrook Join Compton Peace Walk image

We’ve noticed that more and more people are putting a fist in the air. As always the hip-hop and rap music representatives raise their voices and share their opinion, as they support people not to give up and stand up for their lives and human rights. Alongside with other rappers, Kendrick Lamar also showed his support and joined the Compton Peace Walk this Sunday.

Again connected with the death of George Floyd the Compton Peace Walk is for all the deaths of many African-Americans during arrests and overuse of power. This initiative took many forms during the last weeks and days, but the slogan and the message are the same every time.

The Compton Peace Walk

There was an organized event, which supported the families and relatives of people who suffered from violence and power abuse. It is called the Compton Peace Walk and took place in Los Angeles this Sunday. On the 7th of June, thousands of people walked in silence all the way from Gateway Towne Center to the Compton City Hall. It is goo that the protestors remain peaceful and only hold their fists up, showing that they support one idea.

Kendrick Lamar and the protestors

Kendrick Lamar also joined the iconic Compton walk as a regular citizen but fans shared his experience on the network. He was accompanied by the NBA star Russel Westbrook. The basketball player addressed the crowd as he told them to continue to stick together, as this is the only way to be strong. He also said that protecting your team and family is everything. The crowd took a minute of silence to honor those who lost their lives fighting for justice.

Mayor Aja Brown also promoted the peace walk on her Facebook wall. She said that we have to give our kids good examples and to show them to fight and to stand up, to raise our voices, and to fight injustice, especially when it casts lives.



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