Kendrick Lamar To Headline The 2020 London Hyde Park Show

Kendrick Lamar To Headline London Hyde Park

Kendrick Lamar To Headline The 2020 London Hyde Park Show

Since 2013 the summers in London are not boring at all. The Hyde Park Gigs are gathering many music fans, having fun, listening to good music, meeting new friends. This makes the summer evenings really special. As one can see the gig in Hyde Park does not have so long ago established tradition, but people like it and visit it and we believe the good tradition will continue.

The rumors for this year 2020 shows are already circling – some of them true, the others not so. One is for sure – if you want to see Kendrick Lamar, you can take your card out and stand-by this Friday, because the tickets will be out for sale.

What can we say about Lamar – 5th of July is going to be his night. He is going to perform a huge show and only American Express holders can do it before anyone else – oh guys you are so lucky!

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Those who will be waiting for the tickets know what Lamar is in the music world. Considered as one of the most successful and the best rappers of our time, he has won multiple awards. It is a fact that the number of awards he is acknowledged to is no less than one hundred and seventy-three. King Kendrick is also known to be the only winner of a Pulitzer Prize for his album DAMN, though he has no jazz or classical background.

On the 2020 London Hyde Park Gigs on July 5, Kendrick Lamar will headline the show and will be joined by Brittany Howard and James Blakely. The last one is well-known himself, as Beyoncé, Drake and Kanye West are just some of the names, he has already collaborated with.

The 2020 London Hyde Park Show

Speaking of the festival, during his short history it had gained the reputation of magical moments. Just mentioning names like Rolling Stones, The Libertines and Robbie Williams tell more than any words.

Unfortunately, if you are now hearing for the first time for the gigs, you have to have in mind that the Pearl Jam tickets for July, 10 are already sold out. Still, you have every chance for some of the other nights. The prices start at sixty-five pounds. So, you have a few more days till the 24th of January at 9.30 a.m. sharp.

Tickets here.



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