Kodak Black – guilty or not? Аre there enough clues?


Kodak Black – guilty or not? Аre there enough clues?

Federal prosecutors are trying to connect the case for shooting earlier this spring on March. They are saying that according to the clues during the criminal investigation Black is the shooter. Kodak’s attorney said prosecutors are only talking and they don’t have enough criminal evidence to prove that he is guilty.


The rapper bought weapons and rent a car connected with the crime

The federal prosecutors say Kodak paid 3,500 dollars for three guns – Mini Draco, SIG p238 and SIG Sauer MPX K Pistol 9 mm and more than 100 rounds of ammo in February this year.

The police found the weapon SIG MPX bought from Black in February on the crime scene. The prosecutors are saying there are fingerprints of Kodak on the gun.


Another incriminating rapper proof is a Porsche rented by Black. The same car drove to the rapper’s neighborhood from his childhood in Pompano Beach, where the shooting has happened against another competitor rapper.

The firing was on the rapper’s house. No one was shot, but the house was full of bullets. The children of the rival rapper were inside. The Porsche Panamera is founded 14 miles away from the crime scene. According to the downloaded GPS data, Kodak was on the same place in the neighborhood Golden Acres at the same time as the firing.

Yet the accusation is not raised and the rapper is not charged as an accused

Kodak Black was arrested at Rolling Loud for illegal gun license application. The prosecutors want to keep the rapper behind the bars and refused bail because of the shooting on March, 7.

The Black’s lawyer Bradford Cohen refutes the evidence that prosecutors rely on. He didn’t see any report that shows fingerprints of Black on the weapon. The attorney also says that federal prosecutors admitted that the gun found on the scene had never fired. So the question is guilty or not?



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