Kodak Black Offers To Pay College Tuition For Kids Of Killed FBI Agents

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Kodak Black Offers To Pay College Tuition For Kids Of Killed FBI Agents

Recently-granted pardon rapper Kodak Black decided to get back to charity. He announced that he is willing and determined to pay for college tuition for kids, whose parents were murdered during their work duties.

What caught his attention was the accident that happened in South Florida this Tuesday (February 2) where two FBI agents lost their lives tragically while searching out. The other three who were at the crime scene are seriously injured. We can only imagine how hard it is for their families at this moment. And especially for the younger children, they both leftover.

Agent Laura Schwartzenberger had two kids – four and nine years old. And agent Alfin had one kid who is three years old.

This tragedy made the rapper, who recently also experienced the good side of people and the mercy of President Trump, decided to use his contacts in the FBI to offer his help. In this situation, he asked his attorney to also push a little bit in the name of good intentions.

It is easy to understand why Kodak Black is feeling the grief of the families. The rapper himself confessed that he was raised in a one-parent family and he knows how hard it can be.

That is why Kodak Black is hoping that the families of the slain FBI agents will accept that help so that the single parents will not need to worry about the future of their kids. No answer has been yet received from the FBI Miami department, but we hope that there will be a happy ending.

Though Kodak Black is pointed to as a person who often broke the law, he is not new to charity. It is not the first time he shows empathy and goodwill. Even from prison, he continued to care for the life of people who are suffering.


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