Kodak Black Surprising Freestyle Video from Jail, A Diss To Yung Miami


Kodak Black Surprising Freestyle Video from Jail, A Diss To Yung Miami

The video from the Florida-born rapper may look like a pretty kind gesture to all the fans waiting for him to get out of jail, but it did not seem to be the case. On the 28th of July, a fresh video was released on Kodak Black’s Instagram. The first impression of one good surprise for the fans, shortly after that disappeared by the real meaning of the several-minutes long freestyle record.

The lyrics of it directly connect with the Yung Miami.

As one can guess, there is an old love story behind that, which did not end very well for one of the sides. Long story short Kodak Black and Yung Miami were dating in the past. The Project Baby author even proposed to the female singer on the Christmas of 2018. Soon after that, they decided to slow it down. There is no official information on why exactly these two broke up. The facts are that now the City Girls member is pregnant with Southside’s baby.

Kodak Black and Yung Miami image

There is a very disturbing sentence, concerning this pregnancy in the video. Kodak Black recorded the lyrics, saying literally that he is going to kick the pregnant City Girls co-member in the stomach. This ex hate is very common amongst the rappers and entertainers in this genre. But the truth is the fans never encouraged that way of talking in the public space.

Every lyric of this video displays the disappointment of the rapper, which real name is Bill Kapri, we can see that. But that is not the way to say it.


The songwriter from Pompano Beach has an interesting history with the Police.

Previously he was charged for falsifying information to be able to get a gun when applying. Sources say that he checked that he was not currently under investigation when he was filling the form. By this time he was under indictment for a previous crime. Though his defender claimed the was a misunderstanding, Kodak Black was charged for rape in California. A local Student filed the accusations.

So, it is not a good time for the rapper, but we will see what the future holds.


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