KRS-One Drops Explosive Studio Session “Studio Day 2”

KRS-One in the studio image

KRS-One Drops Explosive Studio Session “Studio Day 2”

The OG rap vet. KRS-One recently released his “Street Light [First Edition]” LP on November 8, 2019. Now the 54-year-old living legend gives an opportunity to all the fans of the pure rap and the hip-hop culture to take a look at his working process. The outcome is incredible.

With such intense temps, the Teacha shoots out the rhymes created by the incredible wordplay while the listener barely manages to pay attention to the visuals. The footage provided by “The Temple Of Hip Hop” shows the place, where the magic happens and KRS-One doing the “Street Light” track. The art of rap at its finest.

Although the newest offering by KRS can’t be found at the usual streaming platforms, you can check his new album here on his official website.

Check out the video here:

Premiere: November 4, 2019



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