Lil Kim With New Video For “Go Awff”


Lil Kim With New Video For “Go Awff”

After a long break in her remarkable career, Lil Kim is ready to please her admirers with a dose of stunning tracks.

The Queen has announced that she’s ready to drop her first new album since “The Naked Truth” came out in 2005.

9 is the number five studio album by the “Kimnotyze” rapper. It’s set to release on May 17, 2019.

The lead single, “Nasty One”, was released on July 11, last year. Go Awff , which appears to be the second single was released on February 14, this year.

Go Awff is produced by Soundwavve and Eritza and video directed by Damien Sandoval, choreographed by Laurian Gibson. This extravagant production of Damien Sandoval is entwined with the dizzying choreography of the legendary actress and dancer Laurieann Gibson.

This time, Kim’s new project takes us into the city’s irresistible urban look. Where high above the breathtaking skyscrapers, descending from the private airplane, accompanied by fashionable ballet dressed with all sorts of scarce leather garments and all the necessary accessories such as icy jewelry, pearls, chains, etc.

All this gives a whole new light around the artist, in which she presents a fashionable note to the audience, but not only she surprised the fans by deviated from her typical hard-core rap style, this time Lil Kim is highlighting the singing in the song (it’s a more sing-song).

Premiere: March 29



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